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Oil Burners - Delayed Ignition


Oil Burners - Delayed Ignition

Test Question: As the first due Company/Chief Officer, you respond to a report of smoke in the basement of a private dwelling. With the cold weather settling in, you give early considerations to the possibility of an oil burner emergency. Your initial investigation leads you to believe this is a delayed ignition. With this thought in mind, what steps/actions will you take at the incident?

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Michael Terpak has been in the fire service for 35 years spending the last 31 years with the Jersey City Fire Department where he is assigned as a Deputy Chief and City-Wide Tour Commander. Throughout his career he has worked in the city’s Lafayette and Greenville areas with Engines 10 & 17, Ladder 12, Rescue 1, Chief of the city’s 2nd Battalion and the former Chief in-charge of the city’s Training Division. Terpak travels extensively around the country lecturing on fire/rescue topics and is the founder of Promotional Prep, a New Jersey based consulting firm designed to prepare firefighters and fire officers studying for promotional exams. Chief Terpak, who also holds a BS degree in Fire Safety Administration from the City University of New Jersey is the author of two best selling books, “Fireground Size-Up” and “Assessment Center Strategy and Tactics” available from Fire Engineering Books and Videos. Terpak has also co-authored a book with Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso titled “Fireground Operational Guides“. He can be contacted at (973) 726-9538, or

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