Light-Weight Construction

Mike Terpak

The word Construction features referred to as “hybrids” are those structural elements made of lightweight or pre-engineered materials that may be mixed within any of the identified classes of construction.

Program Development Format for Administrative Scenarios

Frank Viscuso

Back in 2010, I had written an article for Fire Engineering titled “The simple approach to writing Standard Operating Procedure‟s (SOP‟s).” In that article I outlined five steps that, when followed, will provide you with a comprehensive format that can be used to develop and implement standard operating procedures.

8 Steps to Increase Morale

Frank Viscuso

It‟s hard to conceive that there may be firefighters who would trade their career in the fire service for a 9-5 desk job. We are fortunate in our profession that the majority of firefighters are happy to be on the job and thoroughly enjoy coming to work; however, there is a minority who are dissatisfied and disgruntled.

Windows, Doors, and More

Mike Terpak

As much time as we delegate in the fire service to reviewing and preparing for the challenges of light-weight constructed buildings, it is also important to go back and review some of the challenges found in older structures, especially if your area of responsibility has these type buildings in large number.

Understanding the Promotional Process

Mike Terpak

Fire service leaders throughout the country are continually challenging the promotional testing process in an attempt to produce the most qualified candidates to fill their ranks.

Conducting Effective Meetings

Frank Viscuso

The word ‘effective’ is the key when it comes to conducting meetings. Most organizations in America hold more meetings than necessary.

Effective vs Efficient: A Lesson in Creative Fire Tactics

Jim Silvernail

There is absolutely no doubt that there is an epidemic in America. Fire Departments across the nation have braced for budgetary downfalls and major cutbacks from city hall. Fire Chiefs and Commissioners have been forced to tighten the bottom line and even cut companies.

The 360 Degree Size-Up

Joseph Viscuso

Among the most critical pieces of information that can be obtained at a structure fire are the conditions at the rear of the structure.

Officers: What do you do...When no one is watching?

Mike Daley

As a fire officer, you are a direct front-line representative for your respective department.

Quint Operations

Mike Daley

Many an argument has been had at town halls and firehouse kitchen tables throughout the country about the true capabilities of the Quint Company.


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